Water Wise Women                            

Landscape Water Conservation 
Consultations and Design

Mary T.  Hudson
Cheryl Toivola  
Registered Landscape Architect No 2262

(707) 738-3025

Striving to save our resources and our environment one drop at a time.

“Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over.”

Mark Twain

"Mary and Cheryl’s expertise has been invaluable for our agency, converting our ‘ water hungry’ yard, into a ‘water-wise’ yard.    They have been working with our staff and volunteers for the past two years, helping us eliminate our grass in an environmentally friendly way (sheet-mulching), and then planting our community garden with native, drought resistant plants.  Their professionalism and guidance has ensured that we save money on our water bill, and provide a space for the community to learn how to be water-wise as well.’ "

--- Michele Grupe, Associate Director, Cope Family Center
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